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Sam Lantinga slouken at devolution.com
Thu Aug 26 10:25:50 PDT 1999

> >> set a rate of 11,025 it works ok. Is there a bug, or is there a requirement
> >> that the sampling rate be a factor of CD sampling rate? Works fine under
> >
> >Certainly not factor of CD s.r. ... 44100, 88200, 132300... doesn't make much
> >sense to me :-))
> >...
> >Vasek

> You're listing multiples of 44100, not factors of 44100.

> Anyway the code originated using a sample rate of 10,000 and direct
> writes to the soundblaster hardware (msdos). Then I converted the sound
> code to linux and kept the sampling rate the same and it worked. Then
> going to SDL linux sound it worked fine. Just didn't work right under
> win32 SDL. So I switched to 11025 and lived with the higher pitches...
> I doubt if 8192 would have worked now since Sam said the mixing only works
> in factors of 44100.

It's actually rate conversion that only works with multiples of 11025
If the underlying hardware supports the requested rate, no problem.

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