[SDL] Posting policy

Dave Ashley (SDL list) sdl at xdr.com
Thu Aug 26 09:36:09 PDT 1999

>> set a rate of 11,025 it works ok. Is there a bug, or is there a requirement
>> that the sampling rate be a factor of CD sampling rate? Works fine under
>Certainly not factor of CD s.r. ... 44100, 88200, 132300... doesn't make much
>sense to me :-))

You're listing multiples of 44100, not factors of 44100.

Anyway the code originated using a sample rate of 10,000 and direct
writes to the soundblaster hardware (msdos). Then I converted the sound
code to linux and kept the sampling rate the same and it worked. Then
going to SDL linux sound it worked fine. Just didn't work right under
win32 SDL. So I switched to 11025 and lived with the higher pitches...
I doubt if 8192 would have worked now since Sam said the mixing only works
in factors of 44100.


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