[SDL] Posting policy

Vaclav Slavik slavik2 at czn.cz
Thu Aug 26 05:32:11 PDT 1999

"Dave Ashley (SDL list)" wrote:

> Also there is an unanswered question concerning audio under win32. When I
> set a sample rate of 10,000 the playback frequency is much higher. When I
> set a rate of 11,025 it works ok. Is there a bug, or is there a requirement
> that the sampling rate be a factor of CD sampling rate? Works fine under

Certainly not factor of CD s.r. ... 44100, 88200, 132300... doesn't make much
sense to me :-))

Maybe some hardware cannot support 'strange' rates (and 10000 *is* strange). It
would be safer to use 8192, 11025, 22050 or 44100 Hz. Or maybe (probable) the
problem is not in hw but in windows OS code? They (Microsoft) *never* use
anything but 11,22,44kHz (see WAV docs). On the other hand, DirectX has support
for it... at least in 3d sound api.


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