[SDL] Using the programming language "ML"?

ANOQ of the Sun anoq at HardcoreProcessing.com
Tue Aug 24 11:55:06 PDT 1999

Michael Vance wrote:
> What's the state of binding other languages to ML? The standard NJ
> interpreter is written in C, so I'd assume it couldn't be too
> hard.

Most of the compilers have C-bindings, but none of them
are "standard" (i.e. they all do it differently and
incompatibly). But I know someone who might create a
standardized C<->ML binding sometime... :)

> Your best bet may be to try and write ML bindings for
> SDL. Hmm... makes the brain tingle ;).

Actually my original interest were for PlayStation -
but you "just" don't become a PlayStation developer
that easily, so starting with SDL might not be a
bad idea :)


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