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Paul Lowe spazz at ulink.net
Mon Aug 23 21:12:05 PDT 1999

Frank Ramsay wrote:

> I don't know if everyone has heard of this book already but, I just
> picked up:
> "Real-Time Strategy Game Programming using MS DirectX 6.0"
> ISBN:1-55622-644-6
> The author, Mickey Kawick, worked on Age of Empires so it's not some
> guy who wrote one game that no-one has ever played.  There is some
> great stuff in it.  It covers everything: design documents, interface,
> pathfinding, network, etc.  And while the book centers around
> directX it contains a lot of good information that can be applied
> to any library.
> It has a really good section of raised/lowered terrain. and
> how it works with different map types (iso/hex/rectangle)
> So if you can spare the $60 pick it up. (you might find it worth it
> just for the complete C source to Bresenham's line routine)
> Interesting tidbit from the book: AoE has 23Meg of sprites, compressed.
>                         -fjr

I heard this book got a bad review.


(I can post the complete C source to bresenham's line routine if anyone
wants it)

Paul Lowe
spazz at ulink.net

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