[SDL] Re: HW accelaration

Tomas Andrle tomaasz at iol.cz
Fri Aug 20 03:40:47 PDT 1999

> >> Hi guys (and gals!) :)
> >> I have, like usually, a couple of question.
> >> I'm wondering cause SDL_GetVideoInfo can't detect
> >> any HW acceleration in my S3 (virge dx).
> > 
> > DGA currently supports NO hardware acceleration.
> > This will change with XFree86 4.0

So there might be even some stretched HW blitting? That would be really cool
because blitting a 320x200 image to 1024x768 with virtually any
accelerator (like S3 Virge) will look great, because of interpolation (and it
will be fast, too).

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