[SDL] sensible optimization [was re: tile based _junk_]

John Garrison jeg at visi.net
Sat Aug 21 08:04:57 PDT 1999

Vaclav Slavik wrote:

> rival games wrote:
> > If you consider 20 fps an  "entirely playable" framerate, you really do come from
> > programming databases.
> It certainly makes more sense saying 20 fps is playable framerate than declaring engine
> to be able to run at anything >30 fps, without mentioning that >30 framerates are
> unnoticable by human eye (like most game companies do these days....). In fact even 15fps
> is good enough if it is *consistent* framerate. Most videos are encoded at 15fps and are
> smooth enough.
> Vasek

Well, Movies run at 24 frames per second or so and you can't even tell the difference
between them and real life, so I would say that 20 is entirely playabe. I guess I come from
programming databases then huh.  Well I guess George Lucas, Steven Speilberg, James Cameron
and the like all come from database work too.

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