[SDL] Okay, whatever [was re: sensible optimization]

Darrell Johnson johnsond at westman.wave.ca
Thu Aug 19 21:37:50 PDT 1999

Fine, you obviously don't want my help and apparently are only skimming
what I write; all the answers you need are in my posts and the SDL
documentation.  I won't waste my time posting on this subject again, and
I'm filtering you out, Aaron.

For the record, I would like to state one more time (since I'm still
seeing posts that suggest otherwise) that I never said that optimization
is bad.  Furthermore, there is no reason that full-redrawing with only
one layer of tiles needs to be slower than a single buffer copy; it is
also simpler, more versatile, and gives a more consistent frame rate
than dirty-rectangle methods.  If tile and sprite painting are combined
into a zero-overwrite procedure, completely redrawing a full screen with
a tiled background and covered with sprites can closely approach the
speed of a buffer copy.


Darrell Johnson

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