[SDL] tile based _junk_

kwalker at aros.net kwalker at aros.net
Thu Aug 19 19:50:16 PDT 1999

On 19 Aug, Phoenix Kokido wrote:
> I agree with both parties, Tile engines are'nt exactly a big resource
> hog, but they can get in the way of other code.  Should'nt something
> just be written and then be optimized as the code needs more cpu time
> in other places (use the tile engine as is until fx or ai is slowing
> the game down, then go clean it to avoid the lag.  How far you get
> until that point should be based on how well you wrote the engine in
> the first place.  At least that's what I'm doing, so in no means am I
> saying that it is right.

Pointing out the obvious, but that's what I'm good at. :)

Right, and while this is the path that most authors will take, it also
depends on their development platform.  Code that runs "acceptably
fast" on a P3 500 won't on a P1 150.

Besides, if the project is the engine, why not optimize it before
starting on anything using it?


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