[SDL] sensible optimization [was re: tile based _junk_]

rival games rival at Nayzak.com
Thu Aug 19 12:52:44 PDT 1999

> We're talking about a simple scroller!  Any Pentium system, and most
> 486ers, will do fine while regenerating the whole screen every frame.

Ha ha ha ha. I'm glad to hear you think 10fps is good.  My pentium II 333 was
running my engine at 40fps regenerating the screen everytime, now I optimised
it thanks to the influence of this mailing list (except for you) and it runs
over 150fps. You're thinking of a 320x240x8bitcolor tile based engine.
Multiply everything by 2 and you have to optimize. Don't try and conseal your
ignorance with drivel, it's just patronizing.

-= aaron p. matthews

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