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Frank J Ramsay fjr at epsilon.com
Thu Aug 19 06:07:20 PDT 1999

Darrell Johnson wrote:
> Honestly guys, I don't think there's any need to go wild optimizing a
> basic tile-based engine.  Today's computers are awfully fast, and you

I have to disagree with you about this.  By going 'wild optimizing' a 
tile based engine you increase the number of free CPU cycles for the 
program to do other things.  If that is beffer FX or better enemy unit 
AI.  Also you make the game less of a resource hog if it only needs 50% 
the of the CPU time to run at full speed.  Sure that eats up the cycles 
elimiating your enhancement, but that is WHY you did the enhancement, 
to allow for those additions.  Not to mention that by super optimizing
the engine, you reduce the resources the games requires.  If your game
needs a PII-450 w/256Meg of RAM to run, how many people do you think
are going to get a copy?  Remember not everyone has a high end computer,
there are a _lot_ of people with P-166's (I'd say _most_ home computers 
are a P-166 or below) If you can optimize the same game so it runs
on a P-150 w/32Meg you will have a much larger audience pool.  Writing
sloppy code that needs a huge amount of resources simply because your
computer has those resources leads to code bloat  Witness Lotus Notes,
a 200 Meg e-mail program (yes it does more than e-mail, but that all 80%
of people use it for)

I apologize if I sound preachy, that isn't my intent.


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