[SDL] tile based _junk_

Darrell Johnson johnsond at westman.wave.ca
Wed Aug 18 22:06:49 PDT 1999

Honestly guys, I don't think there's any need to go wild optimizing a
basic tile-based engine.  Today's computers are awfully fast, and you
can rewrite every pixel a few times per frame without going below the
maximum possible framerate (this holds true pretty generally; systems
which support absurdly high resolutions are correspondingly faster).  If
all you want is a metroid game, just make an efficient blitter with
little or no overwrite and as much linear memory access as possible,
repaint each frame, and you should have great performance; if you want
to optimize so you can use the extra performance to have a visually rich
game, most such optimizations schemes will be rendered useless by the
extra effects you add.

Think of fundamental improvements, not quirky hacks (unless you're
really pushing the metal like Doom did; note: did, on a 386), and you'll
make better games (if you think that tile-based games are "pushing the
metal," there's no hope for you, go back to writing databases).


Darrell Johnson

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