[SDL] More tile based junk

rival games rival at Nayzak.com
Wed Aug 18 19:59:38 PDT 1999

I agree, 32x32 size tiles in 640x480 would give me a more flexible look than 64x64
size tiles (the 32x32 also fit evenly on the screen) But there are games that can get
that more aesthetic look with the larger tiles, ratio-wise, 64x64 tiles in 640x480 is
equivilent to the "Sonic the Hedgehog" look. Hmm.. maybe I will switch to 32x32...

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-= rival entertainment
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> Don't forget though that bigger tiles also mean a more "blocky"  appearance.  When
> I was writing a tile-based game for DOS a couple years back I switched to a tile
> have the size and the graphics looked alot better,  they looked less tile-based, if
> that makes any since.
> So speed isn't the only issue.

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