[SDL] faster way?

Víctor Romero livingstone at thepentagon.com
Wed Aug 18 21:13:38 PDT 1999

Vaclav Slavik wrote:
> Warren Downs wrote:
> >      If the program is going to be running on a single-user home machine
> >      (as most games do), security isn't such a great concern.  In this
> >      case, you can provide an install program that makes the game
> >      executable suid root (giving appropriate warning to the user).  Of
> >      course, the install itself must be run as root, but that's normal for
> >      installing shared binaries.  You can have your installer detect if
> >      it's not run as root, and in that case, warn the user that they won't
> >      get the increased performance of DGA unless they manually make the
> >      game binary suid root.
> Except security issues, running as suid root has one more disadvantage : meaning of
> $HOME changes so if your game saves something  e.g. in ~/.mygame it will be saved
> in root's home directory :-(

	Err, I think there's another problem, I'm using for my OpenVentura
Isometric Game Developement System embeded python, so ¡ the python code
is executed as root ! ¡ anyone can do anything ! :(

	So by the time, everyone want to use a extension language cant chroot
his game...

	well, im not sure but...

	Letter writen for Malaga / Spain, we're in our mayor fest "la feria"

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