[SDL] Mac Makefile (codewarrior?)

Kyle killtherat at bigfoot.com
Tue Aug 3 23:31:12 PDT 1999

>Just use the main SDL directory.  I'll have a .sea for MacOS that people
>can unpack.
I've included an archive of Metrowerks file and it's export file.
Metrowerks doesn't let you define which export file to use, it simply uses
a file with the 'name of the archive'.exp, I copied the export file you had
already made.
The project is set up to be run from the SDL directory, and it will output
to bin_dist.

Transporting the metrowerks file into the SDL directory broke all the
links, I've been able to clear out most of them, but that darn sysdep.decl
miss filing popped up again, and this time I can't get it to click over.  I
even pulled the BeOS sysdep.decl file, it just conected up with the FreeBSD
one (next in the alphabet I guess).  I've always disliked Metrowerks for
the way that it links to #included files, it never seems to get them right.
Perhaps add the lines
#ifdef macintosh
#include	"macos/sysdep.decl"
#include	"sysdep.decl"
It'll save on a bit of confusion.

>	-Sam Lantinga				(slouken at devolution.com)
	-Kyle Ellrott				(killtherat at bigfoot.com)
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