[SDL] Data structures documentation

Rafael R. Sevilla 94-22131 rsevilla at eee.upd.edu.ph
Tue Aug 17 13:44:25 PDT 1999

The little thread on pitch kinda says just how incomplete our
documentation on SDL's internal data structures is.  I learned the meaning
of the pitch variable by looking into the library code myself.  I believe
a section in the manual should be written explaining the meanings and
purposes of the contents of the various data structures used by SDL, at
the very least the nontrivial and unobvious ones such as pitch inside
SDL_Screen.  Maybe I will do this while the code is still under 50,000
lines (a wc of SDL 0.10.0 is ~30,000 lines).  I think it will become
harder and harder to do this as the library grows, but once it has been
done it won't be so hard maintaining it to track changes.

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