[SDL] faster way?

Karsten Laux klaux at student.uni-kl.de
Sun Aug 15 00:48:00 PDT 1999

Frank Ramsay wrote:
> This makes since, since the kind of engine I'm thinking of would be
> for real-time strategy (WarCraft, Civ:CTP, Age of Empires, etc) I don't
> need to worry about having layers above the units. I could have three
> buffers:
> One for the ground stuff (ground/trees/rocks/etc)
> One for the Units & Buildings
> A combined buffer, (the traditional back buffer)
> This way I just have to track the movement on the Unit buffer,
> merge that into the combined buffer and update those areas
> of the screen. The only time I'd have to update the entire screen
> is when the view window moves... Even then I could speed it up by
> having the ground buffer contain a larger area then the view shows
> and just grabbing the rectangle I need for the view from it, this
> would prevent the engine from having to re-render the ground layer
> for every screen move...
> This also means I don't have to optimize the rendering engine any
> further, since it would not get used nearly as much.  I just did
> a quick test by setting the screen size to 320x200 (figure 1/4 of
> a 640x480 screen changes for each frame) this gives root almost
> 80fps and the regular user over 40fps.
> I think I'm on to something, thanks!
:) this is good to hear.

>                       -fjr
> btw, when will there be a graphical front end for worldforge?  I read
> about it on linuxgames the other day, but it seemed to indicate a text
> mode front end was being developed first.

hm, in fact the graphical frontend, named uclient, is currently the most
advanced frontend.
-->> http://www.worldforge.org/website/clients/uclient

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