[SDL] faster way?

John Garrison jeg at visi.net
Sun Aug 15 19:55:09 PDT 1999

seanh21 at mail.execpc.com wrote:

> Many Mac programs run 60fps on 60mhz 601 cpus.  Is this an SDL thing?  or
> a linux thing?  or an X thing?  or am I imagining it?

Well, in all fairness you can't compare a native mac app to a emulation. I think you
are imagining it.  I haven't really had any problem with Linux speed. In fact Basilisk
II in a window is much faster on Linux than Windows.

> Sean
> On Sun, 15 Aug 1999, John Garrison wrote:
> > seanh21 at mail.execpc.com wrote:
> >
> > > Why are windowed displays on linux so slow?  I have never done any
> > > graphics programming on linux but from my mac background these framerates
> > > seem very low.  I am just curious.
> > >
> >
> > The Dgen Sega Genesis emulator has been known to run upwards of 60fps on my 400mhz
> > computer, so I wouldn't call linux windowed displays slow.
> >

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