[SDL] faster way?

Frank Ramsay fjramsay at erols.com
Sat Aug 14 14:25:34 PDT 1999

I think it's just because the code I'm working with is sooo very 
unoptimized.  I'm still trying to figure it out (as I said earlier
I'm porting this from DOS, so initially all I did was change the 
graphics $ keyboard IO) but it _looks_ like the engine examines _every_
map point, which is really the wrong way to do it.  You should figure
out the range of map points that can be seen, then only look at those.


seanh21 at mail.execpc.com wrote:
> Many Mac programs run 60fps on 60mhz 601 cpus.  Is this an SDL thing?  or
> a linux thing?  or an X thing?  or am I imagining it?
> Sean
> On Sun, 15 Aug 1999, John Garrison wrote:
> > seanh21 at mail.execpc.com wrote:
> >
> > > Why are windowed displays on linux so slow?  I have never done any
> > > graphics programming on linux but from my mac background these framerates
> > > seem very low.  I am just curious.
> > >
> >
> > The Dgen Sega Genesis emulator has been known to run upwards of 60fps on my 400mhz
> > computer, so I wouldn't call linux windowed displays slow.
> >

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