[SDL] Collision

Karl Bartel karlb at gmx.net
Sat Aug 14 01:50:41 PDT 1999

"Dave Ashley (SDL list)" wrote:
> In founts I set up a bitmap where each point is either 0 (empty) or !=0
> in which case it points to a structure telling the direction of the surface.
> The objects moving check the bitmap--if they end up on top of a !=0 point
> they've hit something and they know how to rebound.
That's a good idea, thanks. I like the collision in founts. Is there a
fast and easy way to greate these bitmaps? I'll have to create a lot of
tiles with collision, so it shouldn't be too complicated. Any

> Doesn't deal with corners very well though. Maybe you could have a special
> corner structure that is circular.
That's no problem. I've already used such a collision in BumpRace.


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