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Fri Aug 13 10:08:25 PDT 1999

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> On Fri, Aug 13, 1999 at 11:30:45AM -0500, Garrett wrote:
> >   I find it odd that SDL is one of the only libraries used 
> in a commercial game
> > and yet it hasn't gotten the popularity that all the other 
> graphic libraries
> > have. 
> I think it's mainly cause a) SDL doesn't have the marketing hype of,
> say, ClanLib, and b) it's "lower level" than some of the others.

I think this is the important point - commercial game developers are more
likely to be writing a lot of their own routines themselves. They don't want
superflous network/image-loading/sprite-handling/whatever stuff in the core
library. They just want an interface which gives them low-level access with
minimum overhead and hand-holding.

Anyway, that's _my_ reason for wanting to use SDL rather than any other libs
- its minimalism is reassuring.

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