[SDL] Re: Announcing SDL 0.10.0

Vaclav Slavik slavik2 at czn.cz
Fri Aug 13 08:57:17 PDT 1999

Frank J Ramsay wrote:

> Marco Salvi wrote:
> >
> >
> > This  means that Mith2 is written using SDL? :)
> >
> So was Civ:CTP. Which is why it's listed on the SDL website.

:-) Somehow hacked SDL I'd say. It contains few features I wasn't able to find
in SDL 0.10.0:

(1) when you run it in window with dimensions same as display dimensions then
titlebar is not visible. If you do the same with SDL app you'll have window with
standard decorations...

(2) in Civ:CTP you can press CapsLock and switch mouse into exlusive mode when
no other application can use it... Great thing!
(maybe this particular feature can be achieved by warping mouse cursor every
time app window losts focus?)

Sam, do you know anything about this? ;-)


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