[SDL] advice on submitting?

sean seanh21 at execpc.com
Tue Aug 10 20:34:21 PDT 1999

Ok, I have written all the functions to control the Mac cdrom drive.  I
have gotten it to compile into the library and am resonably sure they are
pretty much correct. I am, however, unable to build an app with the library
and the test_cd file provided by Sam to test my code because it gives me
link errors.

Should I submit my code (how do I do this?) and hope that someone else can
figure it out?  I am really interested in putting the code out there bc I
have worked really hard on it and a.) want to know what I am doing wrong
and b.) want to have some code of mine involved in a cool project like this
for bragging rights, resumes, etc.

or should I just leave the code out until I find a solution?  I am really,
really, really, stumped.

Should I just give up? :P

Thanks for any advice.


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