[SDL] MPEG encoder

Frank Ramsay fjramsay at erols.com
Sat Aug 7 04:14:22 PDT 1999

I found a link to an AVI->MPG coverter (video & sound/or just video) 
which is perfect because my 3D software (trueSpace 4) writes AVI's.
This would probably be usefull for other people, so I'll try and 
remember to post the URL when I get into work Monday.


Sam Lantinga wrote:
> > look for smpeg the SDL mpeg video and layer 3 player. I know there is a link
> > from the loki home page as they are helping the development. This is a fully
> > open source project.
> This is just a decoder, not an encoder.
> I found the encoder package that is referred to, but I forget where it was.
> I can upload it somewhere, if you like.
> Look on www.freshmeat.net for MPEG if you want.
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