[SDL] Just a curious question

Garrett mongoose at wpi.edu
Sun Aug 8 08:27:58 PDT 1999

On Sun, 08 Aug 1999, you wrote:
>My guess is that the XF86DGAGetVideo() call does some kind of memory 
>mapping of the viedomemory ( don't know that much about DGA/X but 
>that's how it works in DOS, hehe ), and hence the memory usage of the 
>program get all screwed up. I took the figures from a previous 

> My guess is that you have 32mb on your videocard? Sun's Xserver does 
> the same thing... Might be considered as a bug/feature of 'ps' though 

  heh yep, I just bought my Xentor 32 the other day. Its a 2D/3D combo card so
you can use all 32 megs of memory in regular 2D mode. So its not really
allocating 32 megs of system memory?

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