[SDL] Re: 0.10 candidate bug report

Vaclav Slavik slavik2 at czn.cz
Mon Aug 2 14:53:54 PDT 1999


attached you can find updated VisualC projects. (moving SDL_thread.c into
another directory, adding SDL_systhread.c)

I had to do following to compile it under Win95, VisualC++ 6.0 :

src/win32/directx/sdl_video.c :
(1494) ReleaseDC has bad order of parameters. Correct order is "sdl_window, dc",
NOT "dc, wnd"

src/win32/windib/sdl_video.c :
(110) same problem with ReleaseDC as above
(379) "SelectPalette(hdc, ...." must be replaced by "SelectPalette(*hdc, ...."
(hdc is pointer to DC variable)
(381), (383) same thing must be done (in same function) for calls to
CreateCompatibleDC and BitBlt

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