[SDL] newbie is back :)

Marco Salvi nao at libero.it
Thu Aug 5 15:01:38 PDT 1999

Hello guys!
I have a couple of questions for you :)

Is it possible to make a fast vertical scrolling routine
using SDL?
I mean, in latest 10 years I coded on amiga..and all I have
to do is change a pointer to a bitmap :)
Now.. I feel a bit discouraged on this vga cards..I can't 
do metalbashing code like I was used to :)
Any advice?

I tried also to implement a little sound engine.
To port on Linux this game I'm working on, I have to load
and play 8 bit sounds on a 16 bits device (ie sounblaster).
NOw..i just wrote a routine that loads an 8 bit iff 8svx sound
and convert every sample to 16 bits just multiplying it by 256.
That worked fine.
But, I wanted to half all samples volume, by multiplying every
byte for 128 instead 256..but , in this way, I obtained not
an half volume sample..but a  noisy and lousy sample..only similar
to original...
The question is..WHY? :)

please help me... :)


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