[SDL] PTHREADS!!! (a little off topic)

kwalker at aros.net kwalker at aros.net
Wed Aug 4 18:39:01 PDT 1999

On  4 Aug, Leimy wrote:
> ARRRGGHHHH!!!   I was trying to use the demo for PThreads that was posted
> the other day.  pthread_attr_default doesn't seem to exist.  What am I
> doing wrong here?   Sorry it's off topic but this is the only group of
> people whom I feel would have a good grasp of how to use this library.

Yeah.  That's the one major problem I had wit the tutorial is that it
shows that pthread_attr_default which doesn't exist in Linux pthreads. 
However, after scanning through the SDL source code, I found out that
if you use NULL instead, it works.

But as long as I'm off topic, can someone tell me if I'm being stupid
in thinking that you can fopen() a file in a thread.  I've tried doing
some tests and whenever I call fopen(), it returns NULL.  Using open()
gets me no farther either.


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