[SDL] sdl 0.9.13 (win32) bug report

Tristan Savatier tristan at mpegtv.com
Tue Aug 3 13:23:51 PDT 1999

Sam Lantinga wrote:
> > description:
> > In some cases SDL_Init()
> > causes CreateWindow() to be called, and in the current case
> > SDL_Instance is not set, because it is set only after
> > SDL_RegisterApp() has been called.
> > The case when SDL_Init() calls CreateWindow() occurs when
> > DDRAW.DLL is not present, i.e. the fallback sdl-DIB.dll
> > library is used.
> > The call sequence is:
> > SDL_Init
> > _SDL_Init
> > SDL_VideoInit
> ^^^^???
> SDL_VideoInit() should not be called when SDL_Init(0) is called in the
> main function in winmain.c

I see.... this may be my mistake:  I had to use SDL in a thread that is
the main thread, so since I ripped of the code in winmain.c to call
it from my thread, but I was calling SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_VIDEO),
not SDL_Init(0).

So, if I understand well, the correct order to call things is:


correct ?


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