Garrett mongoose at wpi.edu
Fri Aug 20 20:20:15 PDT 1999

Marco Salvi wrote:
> Hello!
> 1) I read LGPL license..but some (main?!) points are still obscure to me.
> Can i use SDL for a commercial application without paying any money
> to the author? :))
> 2) How can I open a 320x200 full screen on X with SDL?
> I mean, i tried to open it, but all i get is a 640x480 screen with
> a 320x200 'window' located at center.
> And..i have to click one time left mouse button if i want to make
> that window 'visible' the first time.
I think you X-sever has to have this small resolution enabled.
Bye, Karl.

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