[SDL] Questions from a newbie

Marco Salvi nao at libero.it
Mon Aug 2 20:08:26 PDT 1999


I started to use linux some months ago (but i still use my
amiga) and now i have to make a porting of a commercial game written
by a friend of mine under amiga. (u can give a look at 
I have to port it from amiga to pc (win/linux both) and so i surfed
the web looking for a nice game sdk for linux.
I found this very cool library called SDL, it seems very powerful
and simple to use.
More, it should be possible to use  SDL on linux for an application
that doesnt make OS (Unix) calls, and port that application 
on window 95/98 without many problems..and this is very COOOL for me, so i
havent to code 2 versions of the same game :)
Now, i have some questions about SDL that don't get an answer after
reading FAQ, so, if there are other FAQs regarding SDL, please
tell me, i'll not bother u with other dumb questions.

1) I read LGPL license..but some (main?!) points are still obscure to me.
Can i use SDL for a commercial application without paying any money
to the author? :))

2) How can I open a 320x200 full screen on X with SDL? 
I mean, i tried to open it, but all i get is a 640x480 screen with
a 320x200 'window' located at center.
And..i have to click one time left mouse button if i want to make
that window 'visible' the first time.

3)I can't imagine that only ONE person (Sam Latinga) did all this work 
and released it for free, i'm really stunned :)


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