[SDL] CVS update (0.10 candidate)

Andrei de Araujo Formiga andrei at dee.ufpb.br
Mon Aug 2 11:14:14 PDT 1999

	I remember someone mentioning better marketing for SDL, and I've
noticed that the library was never announced on freshmeat. Shoudln't the
new release change this ? :)


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andrei at dee.ufpb.br

On Mon, 2 Aug 1999, Sam Lantinga wrote:

> Okay, the new CVS snapshot is a candidate for the next stable release of
> SDL, meaning it should be bug-free and stable on all supported platforms.
> Please download it and bang on it! :)
> http://www.devolution.com/~slouken/SDL/download.html
> 	-Sam Lantinga				(slouken at devolution.com)
> Lead Programmer, Loki Entertainment Software
> --
> "Any sufficiently advanced bug is indistinguishable from a feature"
> 						 -- Rich Kulawiec 

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