[SDL] c++ toolkit

Karsten-Olaf Laux klaux at student.uni-kl.de
Thu Aug 26 02:48:45 PDT 1999


finally I have packaged a distribution of libu, formerly a c++ widget set for
SDL, now a c++ toolkit for SDL.

Check out http://www.rhrk.uni-kl.de/~klaux/libu.html

The package can be used as a framework for your application, since it comes
with a nice configure script and an application template. (demos/simple.cc)
The mixer lib from the SDL-demos is used for sounds and music (included).

libu features:
* complete encapsulation of SDL
* application framework
* animated and colored software mousecursor
* sound samples and music 
* several widgets (buttons, lists, etc.) 
* ability to connect sound effects to the gui elements
* resource management (preloading of surfaces, sounds, fonts and referencing
them through strings inside your code)
* surface loading from pngs and from gimp header-image-files (nice for compiled
in images like icons or mouse pointers)
* antialiasing truetype font rendering
* progressbar
* animation widget
* painter class with circles (filled and empty) and vertical and horizontal
lines. It works on all pixelformats and with alpha values as well.

The library is licensed under the LGPL; however the configure scripts are GPL.

Have fun !

Karsten-O. Laux           
klaux at student.uni-kl.de

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