[SDL] More tile based junk

Warren Downs warren at businesslink.com
Wed Aug 18 19:43:29 PDT 1999

     Don't you mean 48 32x32 tiles?  Since the tiles are half the size in 
     both dimensions, that would require four times as many tiles to cover 
     the same area.
     Blitting 12 larger tiles should be much faster, in any case.
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Subject: [SDL] More tile based junk 
Author:  <sdl at surfnetcity.com.au > at internet-mail
Date:    8/18/99 5:58 PM

I rewrote the scrolling engine to my afforementioned "super metroid" engine, it 
updates only what is needed; in 8bit color I could probably get away with 
redrawing the
whole screen everytime, but I'm in 16 bit. Any how, I have a question...
What do you guys think would be faster? Blitting 12 64x64 tiles onto the screen,
blitting 24 32x32 tiles on the screen? Or would it be about the same?
Thanks. I'll be putting the source code to what I have so far on my site in a 
few days so
you all can take a looksee.
-= aaron p. matthews
-= rival entertainment
-= http://www.Nayzak.com/~jerryma/rival

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