[SDL] Easy answers

rival games rival at Nayzak.com
Sun Aug 15 19:29:08 PDT 1999

I really enjoy all this talk about scrolling methods, because I am
currently working on a super metroid like engine, you can click onto my
url at the bottom to read more about this [open source project], but I
have a question...

How can I blit something with a certain tint? I'm in 640x480 by 16 bit
color, so how can I (quickly) draw a sprite with a say.. blue tint. And
how could I draw it so all the non-transparent pixels are white? Is
there an easy way, or will I have to modify some of the SDL code?

-= aaron p. matthews
-= rival entertainment
-= http://www.Nayzak.com/~jerryma/rival

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