[SDL] MPEG encoder

Frank J Ramsay fjr at epsilon.com
Thu Aug 5 06:19:37 PDT 1999

Does anyone know of a good (hopefully free) MPEG encoder that will work
with the SDL-MPEG Player Library?  I'd prefer something that can take an
AVI and convert it to an MPEG. 

Now I'll tell you about my current project... A simple Myst type engine,
with MPEG support (instead of just jumping between locations, it plays
an MPG of the movement).  It is still too early to release anything, but
I'm hoping to have it so you can walk around by the weekend.
Eventually I hope to do away with the single image/view format and move
to something like Quicktime VR for the locations.  But that won't be for
a while.

As for the game itself, that is still up in the air, right now I'm
thinking of something based around the Egypt (I hear it now, not another
Myst clone set in egypt!!)  I have a twist though, have the game be
based upon the book of the dead, you play the dead Pharoah in his quest
to join/merge with/become the Amen-Ra.


Frank J. Ramsay
fjr at epsilon.com
framsay at epsilon.com

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