[SDL] Questions from a newbie

Sam Lantinga slouken at devolution.com
Mon Aug 2 14:47:15 PDT 1999

> 1) I read LGPL license..but some (main?!) points are still obscure to me.
> Can i use SDL for a commercial application without paying any money
> to the author? :))

Yes, you just have to include the source to the version of SDL that you use,
and allow people to recompile SDL and use it with your application.
(i.e. load it as a shared library)

I personally would love a copy of your game, when it's done. :)

> 2) How can I open a 320x200 full screen on X with SDL? 
> I mean, i tried to open it, but all i get is a 640x480 screen with
> a 320x200 'window' located at center.

This is a limitation of X.  You need to put a 320x200 video mode line in
your XF86Config file.  I don't have one offhand.  Anyone?

> And..i have to click one time left mouse button if i want to make
> that window 'visible' the first time.

This sounds like a bug.
What video hardware do you have?

> 3)I can't imagine that only ONE person (Sam Latinga) did all this work 
> and released it for free, i'm really stunned :)

Some (very helpful) people have submitted patches, but the bulk of the
work was done by me, yes. :)

I couldn't have done it without everyone's help, support and encouragement. :)

	-Sam Lantinga				(slouken at devolution.com)

Lead Programmer, Loki Entertainment Software
"Any sufficiently advanced bug is indistinguishable from a feature"
						 -- Rich Kulawiec 

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