Philipp Tomsich mac at
Wed Apr 29 10:41:28 PDT 1998

> >  These days, Linux is my OS of choice.
> Yeah, generally Linux people fall into the category of 'commie bastards'
> because they're too cheap to buy software, and it looks much better
> to use free software than pirate commercial software. 

Some people just like to have the source code of their OS at hand... just
in case something goes wrong. When there's a problem with Linux, I dig
through the source and fix it right away; I'd like to see someone do this
with a commercial OS... If I'm not sure what an ioctl returns & how it
gets its information: guess what... I have the kernel source around & a
quick grep finds me the info I need.  

Maybe that sort of thinking makes me a 'commie bastard', but I don't care.

But don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying that Linux has less bugs (or
even less severe ones) than other OSs; I'm simply saying: I am not
dependent on someone else to fix a bug that bothers me.


ps: if BeOS would only support COFF executables, we could use our good old
binutils (instead of some proprietary linker) to link there, as well. The
trouble is: how do you hack COFF executable support into an OS where the
the kernel source is proprietary?

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