Sam Lantinga slouken at
Tue Apr 28 16:58:05 PDT 1998

> > Unfortunately, there are some wrinkles in BeOS Release 3 that 
> > I haven't yet had time to iron out.
> PPC or Intel? 

PPC.  The intel release won't properly detect my hard drive geometry.
It seems to be a drive-specific problem, as someone else has reported
the same thing with the exact same drive.

My girlfriend is borrowing a drive from me that should work tho. :)

> >   Aside from a minor documented
> > bug, SDL for BeOS PR2 works very well.
> Ah, I'm awaiting my PPC R3, which bug are you referring to? 
The bug where the event loop deadlocks if you set the video mode twice
in a row.  This is only properly supported in SDL 0.6j, soon, soon!!

See ya!
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