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Tue Apr 28 10:37:28 PDT 1998

> Perhaps when 0.6 is released? DirectX in 0.6g doesn't exactly qualify
> as good promotion.

No, but SDL 0.6 final does, and it's coming soon.

I'm about to release SDL 0.6j, and except for DGA support and bug fixes,
I anticipate it as a feature freeze release.

Bang on it! :)

> I think I've already seen SDL mentioned on slashdot, not as a story
> by its own, but in the comments following some other story...

Yup, that article sparked a really good Linux games discussion (It's
linked on my "related links" page.)

> > I certainly feel that excepting our lack of MacOS support, SDL is at the
> > point where it can kill Penguinplay etc...

Thanks for the vote of confidence. :)
There is one thing that SDL lacks, that Penguinplay has:  network support.
This is mostly because

	A.  I have my hands full with SDL proper
	B.  Network code is generally portable.

> I've not looked into PenguinPlay much (or GGI, for that matter). Did
> any of these support full-screen under Linux/X? If so, then there's
> something important which SDL currently lacks. Everybody loves DGA.

Yes indeed.  I am really looking forward to adding DGA support to SDL.
I have to solidify the code first though. :)

See ya!
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