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Tue Apr 28 05:45:14 PDT 1998

On Tue, 28 Apr 1998 njh at wrote:
> Do we think that SDL is ready to hit the big time?
> Perhaps if Sam thinks it is, we could post a "Hey cool" to
> and see what happens?
Mmm, I noticed SDL in slashdot. A long time a go there was an article
about game's in linux. 

> I certainly feel that excepting our lack of MacOS support, SDL is at the
> point where it can kill Penguinplay etc...
Penguinplay is also mentioned but what I realy like about SDL that it is
multi-platform. (solaris and linux works, window95 still doesn't it's get
an gpf in the standaard dll's (still searching for the .h files)

Also Penguinplay has only an API and nothing more else what I can see...


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