Emil Brink d94-ebr at
Tue Apr 28 05:36:00 PDT 1998

On Tue, 28 Apr 1998 njh at wrote:

> On Tue, 28 Apr 1998, Emil Brink wrote:
> > Indeed. But sometimes I get the feeling that much of Linux is about
> > always developing something; and a game-graphics API can sound like a
> > lot of fun. So I wouldn't expect people to just drop their projects,
> > embrace SDL as the ruling API, and start writing games. That doesn't
> > seem to be the way this community like to work...
> Oh no, I agree entirely, otherwise it wouldn't be the meritocracy it is!
> However, having an article about it and discussion could a) lead us to new
> ideas b) lead us to new programmers c) lead us to new games...

True, and all those are Good Things, for sure! Let's have ourselves
an article on slashdot. Only question now is "when?".

> > Hm... Is there a special (or, better, a technical) reason why DGA
> > isn't supported on PMac-hardware? Or is that just the way it is?
> Yup, the two reasons are the two reasons why most things that aren't
> implemented under linux aren't implemented under linux: a) No / Little
> data b) No one has time...

OK. I guess this is where my very limited knowledge of DGA and its
implementation starts biting me. I would think that the DGA
functionality (which I think of as, more or less, "access to frame
buffer and display hardware in general") is a subset of what the X
server already does, i.e., the code is already there in one form or


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