XPmac X-Server

Emil Brink d94-ebr at nada.kth.se
Tue Apr 28 07:40:10 PDT 1998

On Tue, 28 Apr 1998, Philipp Tomsich wrote:

> > AFAIK, XPmac doesn't do resolution switching(it relies on the screen being
> > set up by the kernel graphics console), and no hardware accelleration.
> XPMac is straight from the X source tree for frame-buffer devices. It
> works by taking over the frame-buffer from the kernel console driver...
> The initalisation sequence is something like this:
>   0. Open /dev/console
>   1. Get fb_address, size & resolution through an ioctl
>   2. mmap the fb
>   3. init the cmap registers
>   4. put the kbd and mouse into raw mode

OK. I'm starting to see now. I guess I'm just spoiled by XFree86 and
its ability to switch resolution on the fly. Obviously not all X
servers can do that.


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