SDL 0.6h: Cleaner, better, groovy

Sam Lantinga slouken at
Thu Apr 23 03:37:58 PDT 1998

> Again, that's excellent! Makes it feel faster and more lightweight,
> and allows me to hope that it actually *is* faster and more
> lightweight. :)

Heheh, actually, for hardware surfaces, yes, it's much more lightweight.
For software surfaces, well, it has to check flags like SDL_MULACCEL,
but it's not too bad:

	if ( flag ) { do some cool stuff };
	if ( hardware ) { do that hardware lock };
	if ( otherflag ) { do some more cool stuff };

> > It will be available when it's ready.

> Hm. Care to give a rough estimate? This week, this weekend, this
> month, this quarter, this year? This decade?

Sometime early next week, probably.

See ya!
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