SDL on Solaris

Emil Brink d94-ebr at
Fri Apr 17 02:12:26 PDT 1998

On Fri, 17 Apr 1998, Sam Lantinga wrote:

[UpdateRect() vs UpdateRects()]
> Calling UpdateRect(0,0,0,0); once should be fine.

I'll just keep doing that, then. It has worked fine so far.

> > OK. I don't have the code here (at school), but I can send it to you
> > later tonight (local time, of course :).
> I'm going to bed (1:20 AM, localtime)

Doh. But odds are that you'll be up before it's time for me to go to
bed. Time here is 11:07 AM, but it's Friday, so I'll be up for at
least 12-14 hours more... I should be able to post that code to you
in perhaps 7-8 hours.


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