LinuxPPC success?

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On Mon, 13 Apr 1998, Sam Lantinga wrote:

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> Subject: Re: LinuxPPC success?
> > I think P.T. is away at the moment-but he is planning a direct driver
> > version of SDL(a la svgalib without the lib) which is possible because
> > PowerMac frame buffers are a) regular(behave the same in all modes) and
> > b)share 95% of the drivers.
> That would be great.  I looked at the Abstract Console stuff by Geert,
> and unfortunately I don't have any of the hardware that his project supports,
> which makes it a little hard to develop an SDL driver for it.
> (Sparc is not supported by his project)

Hehehe... Down here in Melbourne, you can pick up an old m68k for a couple
of hunderd $ (good ol' trading post :-)

> If you want to start implementing an SDL low-level driver, take a look
> at the GGI implementation.  It's the closest thing to a skeleton driver
> that I have at the moment.  I welcome comments. :)

I'll try to get it running on my machine, but there is now way on earth
that I'll be able to write the support from scratch :-)

If anybody wants to try it, I can help debug it though. (Sam, you could do
it via ssh, and I'll test it, but I guess most programmers like to see
what you've done :-) 

BTW, thanks to Anthony Tong, X support under LinuxPPC should be usable now
for some REAL stuff :-)

(On my 200Mhz 603e with a ATI Mach64, the testwin application ran slowly

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