LinuxPPC success?

njh at njh at
Mon Apr 13 15:52:53 PDT 1998

On Mon, 13 Apr 1998, Sam Lantinga wrote:

> That would be great.  I looked at the Abstract Console stuff by Geert,
> and unfortunately I don't have any of the hardware that his project supports,
> which makes it a little hard to develop an SDL driver for it.

Well... Write a drivers! :)

> (Sparc is not supported by his project)

Oh, doh!  Well, if you know a lot about your video card, feel free to
write a driver...  I'm s'posed to be writting the driver for my machine,
but I've yet to have a moment when I feel I can work on it in preference
to other work... :(

> If you want to start implementing an SDL low-level driver, take a look
> at the GGI implementation.  It's the closest thing to a skeleton driver
> that I have at the moment.  I welcome comments. :)

Ok, soon...


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