Sam Lantinga slouken at
Fri Apr 10 14:32:19 PDT 1998

> OK. I got the cross-compiler, but I can't use it. Could anyone
> provide some hints as to how you go about using it?

Sorry, I put the instructions on the web page:

1.	cd /usr
2.	# unpack the archive -- it will extract to ./win32
3.	# go to the SDL source directory
4.	export PATH=/usr/win32/i386-pc-cygwin32/bin:$PATH
5.	# get DirectX 5 headers from Microsoft, copy them from
	# dx5sdk/sdk/inc/ to the directx/include/ directory in 
	# the SDL source distribution.
6.	./directx/utils/
7.	./Configure win32
8.	make

See ya!
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