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On Wed, 1 Apr 1998, Sam Lantinga wrote:

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> > Both CD Audio control _and_ mixer controls are things that are
> > non-standard across operating systems, and requires a standardized
> > interface.  (And, quite easy to implement, too.)  It sounds like it's
> > right up SDL's alley!
> Yep! :)
> > Now my cross-platform games can have CD audio support, too.
> Yay!  That's the idea. :)

Well, the other thing that is non-standard, and becoming VERY popular
lately is networking...

Now, say you have a really cool game (Like Maelstrom), with network
support (like Linux Maelstrom), how much effort do you have to go to to
actually do these things:

1) Design a protocol that doesn't have a lag in it, and can be used for
syncronised game play (save the author from understanding tcp/ip networks)
(UDP is a MUST for this feature)

2) Keep the developer from jumping the hurdles of different tcp/ip

3) Allow people to have a (hopefully) working networking implementation,
so then the author can decide whether it is a bug in the networking or a
bug in the game core.

Of course, the way this thread is going, you might have to break the
library up into something like this:

libSDL-[graphics implementation].so

And then the author figures out which one he/she needs. (Then the
'Microsoft Office Syndrom' doesn't byte (ok, ok... bite) the library(s).

(In other words: 'Flame me!')

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