SDL implementation notes for 0.6a (comments?)

Sam Lantinga slouken at
Sat Apr 4 16:41:16 PST 1998

> >         if ( src->AccelBlit != NULL ) {
> >                 (*src->AccelBlit)(src, srcrect, dst, dstrect);
> >         } else {
> >                 /* Normal blit */
> >         }

> Why can't the library just override (*normalBlit) for this?  surely there
> are no situations where forcing a SW blit when a HW blit would work occur?

Because the setup for the normal blit involves offsetting the framebuffer
pointers by the source and destination coordinates.  This isn't appropriate
in software accelerated colorkeying (done using RLE techniques)

It's also not necessarily appropriate in other accelerated blits because
you can optimize sometimes by locking only the rectangle you are going to

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